The 10 Best Destinations to Visit in 2018

“To travel is to live.”

When they ask “Where would you like to travel?” you probably think of a million places. Whether it’s the beach, the mountain or a valley…  Seems like there’s some for everyone.

The recommendations of Lonely Planet for 2018 are already here: according to the popular travel guide, destinations are more varied than ever, and they have the most unsuspected places. Especially noteworthy is the fact that they covered none of the “expected” countries to make the list.

Why travel? The most common reasons are leisure, gastronomy, culture and the magic of the unknown, but almost any destination can meet these requirements. So why these countries? 

As indicated by the editorial, the election of the destinations of this annual selection is a “thought process”. Taken from the suggestions of experts and travelers, a team of experts creates a list of finalists with criteria such as “the current interest of each destination, the expectation it generates and the ‘surprise factor’ “. Most of all, it is a mix of the beauty and diversity in the world today.

Here’s the ranking of the best destinations to travel to in 2018:

10. South Africa

South Africa is a magical destination that has great attractions that go beyond wild animals, tribes or dry landscapes. Eradicated as dramatic episodes as “apartheid”, South Africa is emerging as one of the world’s favorite destinations for 2018.

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9. China

There are many reasons why you should visit China. It is a country of great territorial extension, full of valuable historical places and of great cultural richness. Due to its large size, China has all the landscapes you can imagine and also offers all kinds of activities for its visitors.

8. Mauritius

Mauritius is a dream destination: the living image of a natural paradise surrounded by coral reefs and multicolored fish in a limpid reef lagoon. Scuba diving is one of the main attractions of Mauritius. The coastline is full of places to discover, each one more tempting.

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7. Georgia

There are countries that are lucky enough to look at the sky from very close. And Georgia is one of them. Since the Great Caucasus puts its snow wall, it forms one of the most imposing natural borders of the planet.

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6. Malta 

Cruise passengers arrive in Malta, also travelers who want to practice their English while traveling and families who are looking for their happy holidays. Mostly, people go to Malta in search for a few days of relaxation. Everyone finds what they are looking for.

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5. New Zealand

A spectacular nature, adventure proposals, the wine route and ancient Maori traditions are some of the attractions of these Pacific islands. Chris McLennan Queenstown, on the south island, is known as the “adventure capital” of New Zealand. Especially noteworthy, many people go after the natural beauties of New Zealand because of the many movies that have used its valleys as sets. Here, the most incredible adventures take place.

4. Djibouti

Amazing Canyons, scuba diving, whale sharks… Djibouti is a naturally rich destination, and if you are into adventure, that’s just it! Yet, you need to remember that there’s always a surprise factor. Which more many, it just means more amazing!

3. Portugal

Oh, a very personal favorite! Having spent the best year of my life in Portugal, I can assess to the BEAUTY of this place! It has it all, amazing music, food and architecture. Isn’t that enough? Because of it’s combination of history and modernity, it hs become one of the must visits in 2018.

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2. South Korea

With its capital in full expansion and its very rooted traditions, South Korea is a haven of serenity and modernity. Also, if you are into K-Pop and Korean fashion… There’s no better place to be!

1.  Chile

Travelers who want to visit South America in search of great natural spaces and a retreat in an environment totally different from their own should consider Chile. The country has a large number of natural treasures and absolutely wonderful landscapes.

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