11 Reasons to fall in love with a woman who travels

Are you ready to love a woman who wants it all? 

Most people look for certain traits or tastes in people in order to be “compatible” to fall in love. Some like gamers, others like party animals, other like sporty women. You can find multiple options to find a couple that is a reader. You also have good reasons to look for a woman who plays sports or who plays video games.

But what does it take to date a woman who travels? What is her compatibility trait? Crazy, free, intense? All of the above. 

Nomadic girls are restless by nature and prefer to travel their country, their region or the world, rather than settle in one place. Of course, no one is saying that they want to live their life like that forever, but women who travel have a particular lifestyle.

What is so special about traveling girls?

She knows herself

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One of the main perks of traveling is that it lets us find ourselves. A woman who travels will know herself perfectly or is on the journey towards discovering it. She is a woman who is not afraid to be alone, and cannot be impressed easily. has that wonderful characteristic of letting us find ourselves. If she is interested in you, YOU WILL KNOW she is interested. She is curious by nature and will want to know your soul before she knows your bank status.

She is fearless

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As travelers, we do not always have all the luxuries we would like. A girl who travels knows this. She is ready for anything, adapts easily to situations that may be uncomfortable, but has the strength to move forward. Little things don’t bring her down; on the contrary, she lives for a challenge! Traveling or settled down she will be there for you since she knows hardships.

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You will NEVER get bored

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A traveling woman, when she is still, can make anyone travel the world with all the stories she has to tell. She is always excited to go on another adventure, maybe even include a special someone in the next one. A traveling woman is a dreamer, and will always keep her heart filled with longing for another memorable journey.

She is spontaneous

Does the routine overwhelm you? Find a woman who travels. They make last-minute plans,  decide on a whim whether to stay or leave, and have no regrets. They may say “I will never do this” and when they get the chance, they run to it. Life will be surprising,  fun and with a companion who will not let you go… As long as you want to play along. Keep up! Adventures are adventures, and she will not miss any.

Intelligence is essential

Independent of school and university, traveling makes us educated. Who travels has much knowledge and common sense assured. She knows cultures, she knows how to see beyond her own problems. He has the emotional intelligence to adapt to situations and to deal with and seek solutions to any problems that may arise.

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She is always active

She will not lie in a chair all day. While she receives with gratification the hours of rest, she prefers to move, never be still. Make sure you can keep up , because for her a weekend at a movie or at home will not always be ideal. It is an active life, you have to be able to with it. Even if she is not traveling, she always has a new project going on, if she is not already planning her next adventure.

She values independence: For her and for you 

She trusts herself. She has traveled more than once, maybe even traveled alone, which gives her the courage and independence to go anywhere. She will try and show you that being free is the only way to be happy. Still, it does not mean solitude; it means knowing when to appreciate personal spaces. She knows how important being true to yourself is, and that’s all that matters.

She is fascinated by new things

Places, food customs. Novelty reigns in her life. You will also get these fun and spontaneous activities. Paragliding? Base hopping? Climbing? Insect watching? All these things you can do with her. It is exciting, but also a little

She can communicate properly

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A woman who travels knows languages and ways of communicating. In her travels – especially when going alone – she has been able to adapt to these places and had to learn to survive in unknown environments. You can learn from her skills, and your world will open a little more every day.

She has firm ideas about love

The truth is, many women who travel have felt love, and the same courage it takes to grab your bags and leave to unexpected adventures is the same courage it takes to love endlessly. As I’ve said befre, my story is kind of similar: A man broke my heart due to cultural differences, and I promised myself I would understand someone’s culture better, before I could ever develop feelings for them.

You’ll get to experience living outside the box 

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Traveling will make you part of your plans. Touring the world will never cease to be one of your passions, you will have adventures and a relationship rich in stories to tell, dreams and shared knowledge.

Falling in love with a traveling girl is worth it because after all, the world will be at your feet.

And you, do you dare to fall in love with a traveling woman?

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