15 Perfect gifts for the nomads at heart – Feed your wanderlust!

Globetrotters and travelers in search of emotions share one very important thing: the suitcase/backpack is LIFE. What they put inside is everything they need to survive from a few days to a few months. So when you are about to  tosurprise a traveler, it takes a lot of thought and effort.  survive a few days or a few months in our future destinations. That’s why we recommend some of the best gifts to amaze all those who catch more planes than meters.

Because travelers collect memories, not things. 

So, what to gift a traveler? Here are 15 amazing ideas that you could definitely use if you are off the loop in many ways. (My friends usually tell me they have a hard time figuring out what to give me on my birthday, so they just make me binge eat chocolates :P)

1. A sticker or patch of something special

It seems silly, but in a world where suitcases and backpacks seem more and more like each other, it is important to mark our luggage with a personal mark. Nothing speaks more of a backpacker and their proud adventures than a memory of their trip, or, if you are waiting for them back home, something that reminds them of who they are and where they come from.

2. A small notebook.

Shopping list, a drawing booklet, a storyteller or a mere distraction, the notebook is a must for every traveler. Try for one that is compact and has thin sheets, something that doesn’t let any adventure get away!

3. A multipurpose raincoat.

It’s one of those things that makes one never thinks of buying, like socks. But a good multipurpose raincoat, light and protective is a basic element for those who like the mountains, the rain, monsoons… You name it. Everyone needs them when going for adventure!

4. A travel purse.

A small and light, easy to conceal money-saver. Every traveler knows that it’s not smart to keep all the money in one place, so a hidden bad that straps on the chest or waist is genius! and do not weigh anything. Distributing money well is very important, and we should not take it all in one place. A globetrotter knows that he must distribute the budget in different. It is something to keep in mind in any destination. 

5. A passport cover

We do not use our passport as much as we would like to – just in an out of the airport- but for those times when it is necessary, it never hurts to keep it in a fun and original passport holder. Now, this is not for everyone, but if you know your friend likes to put their personal seal on everything, this is a perfect gift.

6. A selfie stick

I KNOW! Some people think selfie sticks are RIDICULOUS. And I would normally agree… Until I bought myself one. It is a fun toy to motivate creative pictures of the trip. Practical and easy to use, it takes up very little space and promises a lot of fun. It is also known as monopod and it sure is useful… Believe me!

7. Any object with a map.

Really, any object. Travelers have an inexplicable obsession with the globe, in any imaginable format. A purse, a wallet, a pair of cufflinks, a pair of earrings … as long as you see the continents and the oceans and seas, you will have success with your gift. Travelers don’t stop at anything to show that they are global citizens. 

8. Maybe even a drone

Technological options never end. If you can splurge a little on someone, and you know they are into getting the most unbelievable shots, this may be a perfect gift. No gifts are as good as the ones that are practical. Futurism in travel format.

9. Some travel-sized beauty products

No, I’m not talking about makeup and pretty things, but the basic travel goods. If you know the person you are gifting is distracted, nomad, and forgets something in every destination, this gift is PERFECT. A travel extensible bag, And if you want to make it even more special, fill it up with things that are needed for a trip: Soap, shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, repellent…

10. A moisturizer.

Face cream with flower isolated on white background

It may sound feminine and unnecessary, but it can be a key element for enjoying a trip. Changes in temperature, air conditioning or constant wind can have a big impact on the skin. Gift a hardcore moisturizer that can pass security check, and you’ll be thanked from the distance, when dry skin has a break because of your thoughtful intentions.

11. A bag tag

When a bag is the regular looking type, it is always necessary to put a special touch to it. So a collection of tags or special ornaments to help identify the bag when it comes straight from the plane is one of the gifts that are simply a great idea. Make your gifts count!

12. A universal plug

Why not gift a plug that fits all outlets? A universal plug is a perfect gift for those who never stay in the same place. Because of its practicity and small size, it may be a well-received gift for someone who doesn’t know where their next destination may be.

13. A luggage scale

It is the best option for lovers of the low cost.  It may not seem like a very personal gift, yet it is a genius move, since the budget travelers are always scared of the overcharges. If your loved nomad doesn’t have one yet, he will sure thank you for such an underestimated tool.

14. A laundry bag

But to wash it for real. Due to the many shortages that one has on the road, it is incredibly important to have a plan b when it comes to laundry, since backpackers are never up to going to a fancy laundro-mat, or getting the “concierge” to take their clothes for washing. A hardcore laundry bag is key. While there are some self-washing bags, anything to get clothes separated in the filthy and clean is super practical. My personal goal in life is to get a Scrubba…. They look like I NEED ONE!

15. A big map

Every traveler LOVES to mark down their adventures. Where they are and where they want to be. Hence, get your favorite traveler a scratch map, or a cork mapa mundi to show them how much you support their travel, and most of all, how you love them.

16. Objects that can be lost

A traveler does not need very expensive things, because they can get lost or stolen. In fact, there is an unwritten rule when going on a trip: “Never put something in a suitcase that you are not willing to lose.” Because it happens. More often than not, we are excessively clueless when traveling being more in awe with what we see and live, than with what we have.

Take the plunge and get shopping for your wanderlusting love!


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