6 Things you Should Know about Dating a Traveler

With a nomad heart and a taste for adventure, dating a traveler is not easy at all.  They have a wider concept of the world and always have their eye set on a new destination. But don’t get me wrong… Being with someone like that is not easy, they are different people that require different things in life. But if you still want to try, here are some things to do, at least, to get your flirt on with a traveler.

1. They understand real freedom

A traveler understands that there’s no fun in being tied up to the same place without at least considering an eventual getaway. Travelers enjoy the little things, the details, that’s where the secret of happiness is to them. But don’t worry, it’s not all about them… Just as they know they need their space, their circles, their peace of mind – They know you need yours too. To a traveler, love is intense because it is free, and it can last a lifetime.

Even better, if you are adventurous yourself, you may be more than soulmates… you may even be travel-mates! 

2. They do not give into prejudice

If you have preconceived ideas regarding other people’s value, the importance of their culture or even their race hasn’t traveled enough or is just too stupid to see it.  Many times these come from fears and old concepts, something that travelers can handle quite well. A traveler knows that anywhere people will be willing to lend a hand, regardless of the superficial differences, so if you fail to capture this essence you probably end up crashing or being ignored.

If you want to date, fall in love or seduce a traveler, you need to go beyond or concepts of color race and status; focus on what really matters. And of course, we are not saying all travelers are peace-loving, nature crazy and hostel fans… Even travelers who love to stay on luxury resorts have the sensitivity to know that people all over are different. And it’s best to invest time in the culture of the place you are about to visit.

3. They break stereotypes

Being Mexican, I have to deal with a lot of stereotypes, especially -yes, I will say it – in this Trump era.

Breaking stereotypes is not everything, but if you are traveling, it is at least mandatory.  If you can’t break stereotypes, you might not get a travelers attention, ever.  It’s not easy to just “let go” sometimes, but if you give them an opportunity, travelers can share a unique point of view about everything that surrounds them and can obviously absorb yours with a fascination not to teach you, but to learn from you.

Dating a traveler requires you to leave your comfort zone, take advantage of experience, advice, and company that the whole wide world usually offers. Travelers don’t like to follow the script and don’t settle for traditional roles and rules, they may be the perfect partner if you want a balanced relationship. They know how to survive, so they won’t excuse themselves saying “they don’t know” how to do house chores.

4. They trust blindly

 It’s all about trust. In you, in your instincts, in them. in their instincts. Travellers trust you. Whether you are traveling with them or you are apart, they have absolutely no need to be checking up n you every 5 minutes or making you feel like disconnection means they don’t feel the same. Confidence between the two is indispensable, without it you will not get any kind of relationship altogether. At your side you will learn that trust is something that is seen from a distance, in the eyes of people, in the way they talk and move.

Just look at the bright side… You’ll never run out of topics to talk about if you are always both doing something new!

5. Making one-of-a-kind plans

A beer, going to the movies, or eating something is not all that bad. But that’s not how you’re going to get treated when you date a traveler. They work hard to make an experience out of a simple date. A new food joint, a picnic out of town, or anything that means they can make you enjoy something you have never experienced.

Dating a traveler is an experience in itself, where the most important thing is love itself: no matter where, no matter how, have fun together.

6. No change needed. 

Dating a traveler

People who travel embrace the beauty of differences and will never ask you to stop doing things you love or compromise your happiness.  Accept it as it is, enjoy the essence that comes out of a free relationship, ans as much as you can learn from your significant other, he can learn from you. There is no better feeling than the one that comes with free and authentic love. 


Have you ever dated a traveler? Leave your comments below! 

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