11 Golden rules of plane etiquette… Don’t be that one jerk when traveling!

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Yeah, getting on a plane is exciting. Well, that is if you ae not one of those very anxious people that start thinking that something awful is going to happen, and that you may find yourself in the middle of a tragedy. Well, NOT REALLY. Let me give you some facts so that your mind is entirely at ease:

Aviation reports a serious accident for every 2.4 million flights.

That means that you are A LOT safer in a plane than in a car. In reality, NOTHING will happen to you in a plane, so focus on relaxing!

And it is hard to relax when you are sitting next to someone rude as hell, isn’t it? Well, yeah. It’s awful.

We are all crammed in tiny seats (getting smaller with every new aircraft I SWEAR), locked in a window-less place, and having to fly for hours with people you don’t even know. The least you can do is not be rude and nasty.

Do you know the airplane etiquette for when you are up in the air? Check this out: 

Several factors have allowed air transport costs to be reduced: The increase in the supply or the number of airlines that now exist, as well as the conditions for tourism and the ease of buying tickets online by comparing prices, among others. Even these rates have made it more economical to travel by air than by land.

So, this is why more and more people are using this service. But the massification of this service not only increases safety regulations and prevention but also coexistence.

In this regard, you may have a wide variety of anecdotes or experiences to tell both the situations that have made you accompanying passengers, as well as for claims you may have received.

  • Respect the bathroom: Do not take too much time and do not leave everything scrambled or the mirror and floor splashed with water. Even for your own health, the toilets must be clean. Plus, it’s such a small space… Don’t be nasty. 
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – SEPTEMBER 21: A general view of the new lavatory onboard the new Qantas A380 flagship the “Nancy-Bird Walton’ as she joins the Qantas fleet at Sydney Domestic Airport on September 21, 2008 in Sydney, Australia. The Qantas A380 will feature seating for 450 passengers across four cabins and will commence commercial services from Melbourne to Los Angeles on October 20, and from Sydney to Los Angeles on October 24. (Photo by Sergio Dionisio/Getty Images)
  • Maintain control over your children: There are tips for parents: Traveling with children means taking responsibility for them. And I speak for myself on this one: I DON’T HAVE KIDS, I DON’T NEED TO SUFFER THROUGH YOURS, AND I SURE AS HELL DON’T HAVE TO FIND THEM CUTE WHEN THEY FART OR KICK ON MY SEAT.

  • Beware of the aromas: Keep in mind that a cologne or a very strong perfume may not be at all pleasant for other passengers. And if you decide to eat something before boarding the plane or to bring it on board, try not to make it something smelly that may make something uncomfortable.

  • Think about how you will sleep: You should probably choose to invest money in a neck pillow so you do not end up snoring on the neighbor’s shoulder. If you are in the middle or aisle seat, do not use the folding table to lean and sleep, so that your neighbor can get through you if he needs to. Of course, with the space so small, they would probably wake you anyway.

  • The middle seat has a right to both armrests: Unlike passengers in the aisle or window, whoever sits in the middle has no chance of stopping to stretch his legs or lean his head against the wall. The one in the window has one armrest and extra head space. The one in the aisle has extra legroom and an armrest… Give the middle seat a break!

  • Get up at just the right times: Think ahead when planning your bathroom breaks. For example, stay seated if you see the stewardess come with the food cart. And getting up before the dinner trays have been collected is directly “taboo”. It’s just a few more minutes that you have to hold it, but you will save a few people a lot of inconveniences.

  • Do not monopolize the upper compartment: In the era when the extra baggage check fee expands, the place for carry-on luggage has become a premium space. Do not take the place of others by placing your bag horizontally or crosswise, and if you have two suitcases or bags, try to keep one between your feet.

  •  Carefully recline the seat: Look back before reclining, and consider advising the back passenger so he/she has time to hold their glass or notebook. And keep the seat vertical during meals.

  • Do not get drunk!: Enjoying a couple of drinks can be a good way to spend time on a flight, but always stay in control. Otherwise, not only will you probably make a fool of yourself, it will quite possibly annoy everyone around you with your alcohol smell, getting up to head the bathroom every 20 minutes, and overall being a jerk.

  • Mind your clothing: When it’s long flights, I prefer yoga pants and simple t-shirts. However, a flight is not an extension of your bed or a place to go around half-naked. Be conscious of your clothes, and dress accordingly.

  •  Be kind to the crew: They are not the ones who invented the rules. How to set the folding table or use seat belts or lift the seat back before landing is not up to them. It’s not their fault. By trying to fight them for things they are not responsible for, you may cause trouble to other passengers or even delay the flight.

And if you think this is too basic and logical, you should check out some of the things @passengershaming has found. I share a few images below, the ones that are LESS GROSS) because it’s just beyond belief.

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