9 Movies you must watch if you’re a traveler

Movies inspire us all. Some may be for the best, and some may be for the worst. Well… Who am I kidding? Movies creep us out and take away our sleep too!

But there are movies that teach us more than we ever thought. They teach us history, anthropology, and sociology, all at once.

The beauty of Movies & Travel

There’s a special way in which films related to travel affect us: they teach us about ourselves, who we are, and discover WHO WE WANT TO BE. 
It may be in every circumstance: A broken heart, a change of plans or an adventure with friends. Movies take us places that we see in our hearts, and project the adventures we hope to have one day.

I’ve put together a list of 8 films you’ll want to see if you have an adventurous mind. They are set all over the world, and in a gesture that is pure me, this list is all about letting go of your fears.

1. L’auberge Espagnole

Without a doubt, this movie changed my life and my view on multiculturalism. Set in Spain, with a French student that goes to study his masters, and encounters himself with a million problems upon his arrival. It all gets better when he finds his place in the world. A comedy of life itself, and whoever has had a roomie, MUST WATCH this movie.

You can watch the English trailer here. 

2. Zindagi na Milegi Dobara

If you enjoy a lightweight, crazy, testosterone-filled adventure, this Indian film is for you. This is a bachelor party adventure of 3 men. And yes, boys will be boys. They lock themselves in a series of events that are fun but also insightful, and help them figure out exactly where they want to be.

Click here to watch the crazy, fun and sexy trailer of this Bollywood jewel!

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3. Eat, Pray, Love


It’s about a woman who decides to leave everything to travel and try to discover what she really wants in life. Her travels take her to taste the food in Italy, learn about spirituality in India, and discover love in Indonesia. A must-see for everyone who isn’t sure about where they want to take their life.

Click here to watch the trailer of this incredible movie.

4. The art of travel


The film highlights some of the realities that  happen to lone travelers: love stories, theft, fraud, and scams of unknown countries. Set in Central American countries, such as Nicaragua and Panama,  Peru and Bolivia. It tries to show how you can learn a lot more about life as you travel the world.

For all the solo travelers out there, here’s the trailer!

5. Under the Tuscan Sun


Another classic because of its content is Under the Tuscan Sun. After a bad heartbreak, a woman who had been afraid of living finally takes a step toward her own life and makes a success out of a failure.
Although some may classify it as a “chick flick”, it’s a recommendation for anyone who is starting over, especially after a broken heart. 

Watch the captivating clip here.

6. The best exotic Marigold Hotel

Another film with Indian inspiration, that teaches us that there is no age of starting over. Because of its Indian setting, it adresses cultural shock, seniority and respect of cultures. A real delight fro people who enjoy making plans and then seeing them go down the drain for something EVEN BETTER!

Watch the trailer here, and if you love it just as I did, watch part 2, “The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”, is just as hilarious!

7. Lost in translation


Talks about the strangeness of Japan in the eyes of a Westerner and mixing it with the confusion of traveling. Being lost and not knowing what to do with your life explained. Hotels, karaoke, wigs, awkwardness, and alienation that represent to the point the countless truths of jet lag and culture shock.

If you want to know more, watch the trailer here.

8. Spanish Affair


One of my favorites and the one that has made me laugh the most talks about the cultural differences in the same country. In this case, Spain: The southern Sevillians and the Northern Euskeras (Vascos). There’s a part 2 to this movie, so if you become as captivated as I was, make sure to watch it too!

Watch the funny trailer here, and beware… This is all about European intensity!

9. Pulling Strings

Yeah, I could NOT leave this top without adding a Mexican movie into the mix. It’s all about the crazyness of Mexicans, and how we go our extra way to keep our essence (even trying to get a US visa). This is not so much about the journey itself, but about the ups and downs of journey planning. There’s a little multicultural romance there, too… So brace up!

Watch the trailer here, and keep in mind that Mexicans are always one of a kind!

As you can see, there’s a LOT of movies to enjoy from all over the world that teach us about starting over, love, adventure, and endless destinations. It’s up to you to make your bags and prepare for an adventure that will be better than you EVER imagined!

Which one was your favorite? Share in the comments below! 



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  1. Totally agree !!👍🏻 to meet someone from cross culture and watch like these movies gives you immense pleasure .. Thanx for this beautiful post …

  2. I have seen couple of movies in this list and are very inspiring. And thanks for suggesting the rest of the movies. I will watch it soon.

  3. Excellent blog for travel lovers. One can add short films one makes on a travel or add links to movies based on travel.

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