9 Things to Do and See in South India

Now, India is full of amazing and unique places. Anyone who visits for the first time, will likely NOT get enough time. No person can ever say “I’ve seen all of India”, cause it’s just NOT possible.

India is just many cultures pieced together, overwhelming with beauty one single place. While there are things that may be hard for a foreigner, others can’t be found anywhere else.

Still, there are things in India that cannot be missed. Here’s a list of the 9 best things you can do in south India.

Adventure in Hampi

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Hampi is a unique place, far from the most conventional routes, and has one of the most spectacular ruins and temples in the world. It is also a must for climbers who come here to practice bouldering.

Boating in Kerala

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Rent a boathouse to tour the backwaters of Kerala. It is the most famous attraction in South India but no matter how much we talk about the beauty of the place, reality will always exceed expectations.

Walk Cochi

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Tour the streets of ancient Cochin. The ancient colonial city, now a part of the city of Ernakulam, is one of the few urban centers in India in which one can feel really comfortable in. You may find it is not as crowded, even though you’ll find a lot of people out on the weekends. 

Discover Pondicherry

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Spend a couple of days in the charming seaside town of Pondicherry (Tamil Nadu).

Traveling by train in South India is a real treat for the senses. The landscapes, dominated by the rice fields, the palm groves and the forest in the hills, are sublime. Also during the whole trip, we will be offered small delicacies like the Samosas.

Immerse in the nature of India

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Take a safari to observe the natural life of South India. Among the most prominent species are tigers, elephants, leopards, and deer. The Periyar National Park is one of the best places, yes, make sure it goes in the dry season when it is easier to see the animals.

Travel to the past in Mahabalipuram

Contemplate the temple of Meenakshi in Madurai or those of Mahabalipuram. Tamil Nadu is one of the areas of India with a more spectacular architectural legacy. If you want to explore the area properly, it may take a full day. So take your best walking shoes – there’s temples, sculptures, shops, celebrations…. You name it! 

Go royal in Mysore

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Enjoy the charming city of Mysore. In this cozy town, you can see the palaces of Ambavilas (Mysore Palace), Jaganmohan, Jayalakshmi and Lalitha Mahal. You’ll find many elements of the English rule in this area, and you’ll get a royal yet vintage feeling! 

Live & Learn in Hyderabad

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Buy something in the bazaars of Hyderabad. The most Muslim in the cities of South India also has imposing monuments such as the Charminar or Fort Golconda. Discover the beautiful mosques and learn about the history of Islam in India. On top, if you are not a vegetarian, you will find amazing dishes that will challenge your senses! 

Become spiritual in Chennai

More than anything, India has a magical feature that keeps people coming back. And while you have the amazing temples in Khajuraho and the Golden Temple in Amritsar… There is something different while magical in the temples of the south.  Because of their colors, their life and their amazingly detailed stories, you’ll be amazed at how much you can experience.

Whatever you choose, I’m sure you’ll have the best of time!

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below!

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