The best dating apps for travelers looking for a hookup!

Dating the “old way” is not over. Simply, it has shifted to technology, like everything else. When you’re alone (or single), you only see happy couples. And when you have a partner, you only see happy singles. The fact is that no one is happy. Some because they have a steady partner, others because they want to meet new people, or because their schedules never match friends, more and more people are travelling alone every day.

Dating on a trip

If you are not close-minded or conservative, you know what you want. It has its advantages: independence, greater freedom to choose and the chance to meet people and make new friends. Or something else. And well, as much as there are other elements to consider, the focus is to have fun. And we should all enjoy, right?

Apps for flirting, dating or meetings for sporadic sex are popping up everywhere in the world. What they have in common is that they have a simple design, focus on adult interaction, and have a clear market.

Here’s a touch of the best apps for dating so you can decide what fits your personality and what you want.


Easy to use, intuitive and fast. To register you need to have an active account on Facebook and it’s easy to unsubscribe. The app offers the possibility of finding people close to you, in more than one location (if you have the premium version) and be as blunt as you want.  The user slides left for “next” and right for “YES” to photos of users who have created accounts. Don’t worry, the app does not post ANYTHING to Facebook.  If you match with a user, you can access a private chat, and that’s where the fun begins. I have to admit it, I’m a Tinder user, and I have met amazing people through it!


MeetMe is a free app to meet new people, very popular in the United States. It is much like Tinder and Grindr (See below), but has an option to connect in real time and know if there are people around, maybe at a concert, a club, or a party. It’s not as widely known as Tinder, but it is definitely growing. I haven’t used it, but I’m sure it will work out just fine on my next trip! *wink*


The geolocation is one of the most powerful points as attractive to the user that shows what other active users have around, especially when there is a filter based on your tastes. As on Tinder, you can choose or dismiss the proposals from the app and start a chat, but it has some basic functions you can use for free. Try it out, and let me know what you think!


A similar thing happens with Wander, with a very straightforward message: “the application of travel for singles” Do you know what that means? Traveling hookups! A subtle way to warn their users seeking companions … and then get some action on their special getaways.


Intuitive and simple, this app emphasizes geolocation, updated in real time, its multimedia character, alternative services and gamification. Happn works with the people you cross paths, and it tells you exactly how long ago. The timeline represents the street where the user walks and remembers his encounters with other users. Created with connections to Facebook, it also synchronizes with Instagram and Spotify.



It is one of the most used by the gay community. It offers two versions, one basic and one payment, which has more services. With the basic version, you can upload images to your profile and chat with users nearby where you are. You should definitely try it out, and maybe push your boundaries?


If you don’t like your information exposed, your picures taken from your profile and a compromised privacy, eHarmony may be the application you were looking for. It serves both Android and iOS and is aimed at men and women around the world – in fact, they boast of having been the source of many marriages.

The world of online dating is in luck with eHarmony, because it uses al algorythm to find compatibility. It’s completely free and reliable. One  weak point is that, once inside, they ask you to pay for some extra amenities. But if they are extra, you have to pay, right?


It is one of the most simple and basic apps. It allows you to chat with other users to see if there is a connection and fix a date. The truth is that a year ago, they suffered a fierce controversy when they confessed that they had matched people with incompatible profiles as an ‘experiment’. Still, you can more than acceptably find a date for the night.


Although still in beta testing, already it dubbed “the Tinder of the skies”. The idea is none other than to get a little fun at airports, long plane rides or arrivals to new more pleasant destinations bringing together travelers who are looking for exactly the same as you: kill the dead time of the flight with some sex. Using your ticket, it puts you in contact with other passengers… and you decide what happens up there. 


One of the most hardcore apps that can be found for those times when things get kinky. It is a mobile application that puts people in touch with others who want to do threesomes— And so on. Now, you may be a couple and seek a certain profile to carry out your fantasy, or be at a party in search of a pair.  3nder stands as the app for lovers group sex.

It’s not all just sex

Some people do genuinely meet amazing and compatible people through dating apps. I have been on PATHETIC dates as much as I have been on amazing ones. The point is not to give up on dating… You just might find love!

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