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Best songs to make you smile while traveling

Hi everyone!

I know I’ve been absent FOREVER, but my life has been chaos. If you have been following me on instagram, you probably know I’ve been all over the place, not to mention getting ready for my cousin’s big wedding, which has me busier than I ever expected to be.

But, I promise to be back and not to disappear as long- I’ll be coming back with weekly articles, so hold your freakin’ horses! 

Now, trough my time traveling, I can tell you that music is inspiration beyond words. It’s not always the lyrics that make up for a magical son, but the way the tune makes you feel. Do you have that ONE song that sends chills down your spine the moment you start it off? Well, that’s the way traveling should feel. Every time I travel, there is a song or two that STICK to my head and becomes my personal hymn for that country or city.

You know I’m a hopeless romantic, but there’s also a bit of an eternally single soul in me, so while most of my traveling I do alone, feeling the warmth of a good ol’ love tune gets my blood flowing.

The songs I chose just get me in a good mood, and I will share a bit of the background of why the song is perfect for traveling. Some of them you may have heard, some of them may be completely new. Some others, you may not even need to understand in order to have them make you smile.

Jonas Blue: Mama

This is a very personal favorite. I’m not really a fan of the “tech-electro-dj” kind of music, but this one caught me when I first heard it. It’s the video, the melody AND the lyrics that make me just want to hop on a plane, cause “we ain’t coming home tonight…”

Los Claxons: Un día de sol

This song is called “A sunny day”, and it is just that: a sunny, exciting song that will pump you up, getting ready for your next big adventure. I know it did last time I was in Acapulco, a beautiful beach in southern Mexico.

Jehro: Everything

Just close your eyes and listen to the melody of this song: it will instantly transport you to a new place, make you want to walk and explore, get lost in a town you’ve never been or explore new corners on the one that you do.

Iyanya: Applaudise

This song is just love, energy, dance and all the heart of Africa. Wouldn’t you love to close your eyes and listen to this? It takes your feet on an automatic festival, cause you can’t refuse the beat!

Levi Silvanie & Joss Stone – Curaçao

What about this song? It’s the perfect mix of British greatness (Yes, I love Joss, I’m a HUGE fan and her voice is amazing), and all the flavor of latinos. With a soft tune, but a lot of rythm, this song is perfect to get you travel-ready before you step out into the world!

Sigala, Ella Eyre: Came Here for Love

This song to me is energeting and perfect to invite youto explore. Whe we’re in a new place, we often feel like we’re about to enter a parallel universe where it’s all love, amazing stories and new adventures. Why wouldn’t it be? 

Bryden & Parth: Ultimate Pop Medley

Now, this is a very mellow one. But I just can’t seem to get enough of this one during my travels. While it is made up of a few very known songs, the way these guys perform is UNIQUE. You need to be prepared to be mindblown by the talent, the drive, and the inspiration Bryden & Parth will bring into your life.

Adam Woodall: Coming home soon

This song only tells me one thing, destination: Nashville! I wasn’t a fan of country music (to be honest, I still am not) but I’ve got a few very specific songs that I can’t live without,  and this one is definitely one of them.  It’s about coming home, reuniting with the ones you love and that longing coming to an end.

These are some of my favorites (I’m sure there are a lot more, but these are the ones I remember)… Did you like them?

Which ones would you have added? Tell me in the comments below! 






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