City-Break: No need to spend money to make a great trip

We live in a very strong routinary life that goes around in circles.  Even on weekends, we tend to perform the same activities over and over again. We look forward to weekends and breaks from work or study, and then we end up wasting them. EVERY TIME.

Holidays, “labor breaks” or mini-vacations, presented throughout the year, are periods of rest we perceive as small oasis in which to catch up with our friends, places we want to visit, cornered hobbies… But many times, we don’t even take the time to organize anything interesting. But did you know that staying home and sleeping, or staying in your pajamas all day may end up being counterproductive? Without a good rest, both physical and mental, no ideas, no creativity, or learning occurs.

In the blink of an eye, you can discover amazing places to release daily stress you accumulate during the week.

Why not do something different and release your mind?

A city-break

Lake Sheridan in Custer, SD.

To savor the pleasure of escaping,  you do not need to travel long distances nor invest large sums of money. Everywhere, there is a growing trend of going away on a city-break. In order to take short trips for a weekend or long weekend to places that fall outside the traditional circuit, you don’t need to travel far.

Every country has its beauty. And every climate or type of land does, too. Whether it is a valley surrounded by mountains, or a lake in the woods, or a small town with nothing to do but take in the local cuisine… There’s always something to do.

Moreover, resting is not only sleeping, laying around or “doing nothing”. It also consists of how we use our leisure and free time. We must always look for activities and tasks that promote entertainment, relaxation and excitement.

An activity all-around

Whether you are traveling alone or with your soulmate, friends or family,  there a ton of things to do. Here are some thoughts:

  • A day spa
  • A picnic in the hill
  • A romantic getaway in a rustic hotel
  • A weekend at the beach
  • Hiking/biking out of town
  • Going swimming
  • Visiting a close town
  • Go sightseeing that monument in town you’ve never visited
  • Discover a new spot in town, away from the usual routine

As you can see, most of these options are optional for one or two days, and can be done with pretty much everyone. It’s your choice now!

Disconnect for real

A day trip to the mountains in Serra da Estrela, Portugal
A day trip to the mountains in Serra da Estrela, Portugal

Get as far away as possible from your phone on your time off. If you are tempted to look at it, check Facebook, go , take it to another room or lock him it in a drawer. The whole point of a city break is to let go of the things you usually do, and getting your head away from the craziness of the internet is a requirement too.

It’s time to rest, to enjoy that one fascinating book, a movie or a chat with your partner or your family. Your job is over for the week … do prejudice yourself ruining the sacred moment of rest. You see, the mail, the news, that tweet or post will still be there the next day, and you can see them with the serenity and freshness of someone who has made a proper use of his/her leisure time.

Finally, and most of all, realize that once your job is done, your time is yours.

What different path are you taking today? What new thing you have not done are you going to try? What new music are you dancing to? How can you do anything differently ?

Take a risk each day: call that friend you have forgotten, devotes half an hour to your “hobby”, read a book about the place you want to visit, put a new project underway… Because the time you take for yourself will make your life a lot more productive in every sense.

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