Colombia is magic.  It’s history and variety will help visitors discover the mystery a country with a wide range of possibilities offers: from the Amazon the Andes, through the Orinoquia river, the Caribbean or the Peaceful. It all depends on you.

Also, in Colombia, you will in every color and background, since there are three main races: Indian, white and black. These mixtures are present in 50% of the total inhabitants of the country. Currently, there are nine cultural groups: Antioquian, Caucan, Cundiboyan, Coastal 8costeño), Llanero, Santandereano, Islander, Opita and Nariñense.

“It is inevitable: in Colombia, any meeting of more than six, of any kind and at any time, is doomed to become a dance.”

Gabriel García Márquez



The truth about Colombia is simply….

I love everything about Colombia. I was lucky enough to visit for studies, as I probably mentioned, and to be ...
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