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Do you want to be featured on my blog?

If the image and philosophy of your brand, agency, company or project fits in with the style of The Travel Tattle and you would like us to work together, I’d love to spread your message!

I love working with NGOs, new brands and new sites of people who are trying to increase sales and/or visibility of what they are doing. There are no topics off-limits!

Every month, thousands of visitors have visited The Travel Tattle, adding up to almost a million visits since we launched the site a little over a year ago.

We are still growing!

So, what can we do for you?

Content writing

This is my specialty! I have worked with major brands in the industry, as well as ghostwritten for all kinds of blogs in the past. We can do the whole range from specialized and well researched articles, to descriptions and click-generating teasers.

  • Blogging
  • Descriptions
  • Reviews

If you want to send me your products and/or make me experience the service you offer, and you are looking for a quality related post, this is the perfect site for you!

  • Upon receiving the product I will take photographs, edit and create the content and publish the articles in all of my social media!
  • If going to your establishment and talking about your restaurant or hotel, all I need is freedom to roam around, taking pictures and all the information you want your potential clients to know about you.

Web Design

Do you like my website? Well, it was especially designed by a team of experts! From the colors, to the slides, to the logos…. My team can do it all!

Personalized Designs
A good image can build relationships of trust; that is why we create unique web designs tailored to your business.
We refine and refine every detail to ensure correct operation and provide a perfect user experience. With a search engine positioning your site appears when and where your potential customers are looking for it, improving your sales.
Virtual shops
Sell your products online. A virtual store will help you increase your sales, we develop your virtual store and all you have to do is sell.
Mobile friendly
We develop websites compatible with mobile devices, so your customers can see and navigate from anywhere.
Keeping you happy
We will work hand in hand to understand your vision and the functionalities you want; proposing ideas that complement your site.
Social Media Growth
Grow your audience! We connect your website with your profiles in social networks like facebook, twitter, youtube, etc.


If you want us to collaborate together send me a message! I will be happy to participate, feature and exchange products and services with you!  I am not afraid to take on a big challenge, and instead encourage new projects and love to get on the boat with ambitious new companies and brands looking for exposure.

Digital Marketing

You want a banner on my home page or in the differentiated categories I would be happy to have my readers hear about your product or service, and obviously, redirect them to your page so you can tell them how awesome you are! If you seek to promote your brand, offer discounts, attract new customers or get traffic to your website… This is your next step!  Get in touch with me and I will get a custom ad designer for you that goes exactly with the message you want to spread.

Any Ideas?

I love creative minds! If you have a great idea of ​​collaboration not specified in the previous points and you are interested in sharing it with me, talking over it or share your suggestions, you can get in touch at mirza@thetraveltattle.com or in the contact form tab.

I’ll get in touch with you within 24 hours!

Some of our trusting clients