Cross-cultural relationships: Do they really work, or is it DOOMED?

When you go out with someone who is different origins than you, you learn a new way of seeing the world. You learn everything about their food, religion, and values.

I’ve always had a severe case of wanderlust…. Of course, it is because I enjoy the travel. But the real reason is because I love new cultures. I love to learn about the ways of life of people and their traditions.

As you probably know, I’ve had my fair share of dates, and I’m a free-spirited thinker when it comes to sex. Especially if we live in an adult world – I don’t judge others, and I don’t like to be judged. Sex is one thing, and romance is another COMPLETELY different.

Falling in love is complicated enough already… Falling in love with someone from a different culture? How does that work?

Today,  couples formed by people from different ethnic groups or different cultures are not unusual, as many singles mingle without fear of color, religion or family ties.

Often, our customs and ways of seeing life are very different from those of singles from other countries because depending on their origin, everyone will have beliefs and social norms. These circumstances -if there is love and affection- do not represent an added problem, but often a “multicultural” couple can meet small setbacks.

No borders for love

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To fall in love with a foreigner is perhaps the desire of many. To live a romance with a person from other borders becomes something adventurous, different and with a lot of passion involved.

I think it is a totally rewarding experience, to “fall in love” in general, but your soulmate being from another country has a different challenge… In terms of understanding and multiculturalism, it is a beauty! Often, the social codes that are handled in one country or another are quite different, which means constant understanding and neverending learning!

A fairytale made for two

The sunsets are unique, the hours turn into days and weeks into months … Sipping chai can become the most romantic story of your life, spicing up on chilaquiles,  any excuses are perfect for getting together and sink into an adventure of love, where no language or flag is required.

Wherever you and your soulmate are from, it is possible that your customs and religions are very different. Try to learn from the other’s religion, take as a reference both are based on the same: love and respect. And have your cross-cultural love learn about your culture too: things that are accepted, things that are not and your familiar values.


If you base your relationship from the start on the reality that you were educated differently, you’ll adapt to whatever challenge comes your way.

Cross-cultural walls

It is not rare that you get frustrated at how different your ideas are. But it is more important to let love rule and reach a middle ground.

The traditions and customs of a country are an essential part of the cultural identity of a person. Culture is the way a person expresses his joy, his faith, his sadness or his honor, that is, as expresses its interiority. Therefore, it is important to know about these customs and traditions in order to share them together.

Consider the different ways of celebrating festivals: in some countries they dance. In others, eating and singing in public ceremonies.

For example, the Day of the Dead in Mexico is celebrated by celebrating death itself, which not everybody understands. In India, Diwali is a festival of lights to celebrate a new cycle.

As you probably know, I dated outside my culture too once, with a man who broke my heart precisely because of his culture. Fall at the idea that he could not betray his family and marry outside Hindu traditions.

Family matters

For many people, family approval is very important when dating or bringing someone home. And the fear of them making bad faces to the one you love is not unusual!

Physical, cultural and religious differences are just some of the challenges they face interracial couples very often, especially at the beginning of their relationship.

Having a different skin color does not make you good or bad. What makes a person different are their values, beliefs, and family traditions. There are many things you have to learn and respect the other. More than biracial, you will have a multicultural relationship. And for your relationship to be great, both should try to learn as much as possible the culture of the other, and accept their beliefs and traditions, including the family.


Unfortunately, there are many people who do not want their family dating outside of their race or religion. In the end, it’s you who will decide.  This is something that will be a test for both. The more you love each other, the better you will cope with it, and build a stronger relationship with it.

Temporary romance

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Usually, the stay of a foreigner in any country does not exceed 6 months. Whether it is for travel, study or work internship, it doesn’t last. You are getting to see everything around you. All that it means is that the passion of a long-term relationship is condensed in every minute you spend together. Because it might end sooner than you think.

It’s very funny what happens at the beginning with all the endless romance and “honeymoon phase” where often one is against the clock. Perhaps you are passing through, traveling on vacation, to study for a semester, to work for a year, or plan to settle to live eventually.

Be clear to establish what you want and expect from the beginning.

If you want to do something, this is the time! Don’t be afraid to let go of your fears and tell that person how much you like them… It may only be for a few weeks!

Have you ever been in love with anyone from another culture or country? Are you still in touch?

In conclusion, the borders of the mind and heart are open enough to accept the differences and share them. Cross-cultural relationships are not only possible but very rewarding. I know that this is so and that this is also an opportunity to learn. As in any relationship, the key is to rely on the common elements and not let differences.

Share your thoughts below!


44 thoughts on “Cross-cultural relationships: Do they really work, or is it DOOMED?

  1. Nice blog and lines written by u are very true.
    My opinion is everything depends upon our choices we make in our life..being in relationship with a person with different culture is altogether an awesome experience and if both the persons involved in relationship are adaptive to each other relationship than it becomes easy to overcome the barriers of cross culture domain and will also acceptable to both the families as well.

    1. Yes! That is very true! Every family and relationship is different, but what is important is that there is enough love in two people to make it work.

  2. It will be really a wonderful experience to have a relationship with a person from different culture. In such relations both learns a lot but the relationship will be successful ? it depends how much they respect each-other’s culture.

    1. Nobody knows if they will be successful, but I think there is no harm in trying! I believe hat love conquers all, even any kind of difference. But well, again… All you have to do is try! :*

  3. Everything depends upon for what you love this person for sex or for his/her personality or way of his/her behaviour towards you need to know that person first and make decision and then relationship will be stronger then you thought definately and blog is very useful for peope who think about start a relationship with another culture or country 🙂

    1. Yeah, that’s why people (whether they are birracial or not) must be clear about what they want from the beginning, and not hurt a person that might think it is something that it is not.

  4. It’s my own personal experience Mirza this is one of the most aweaome and cute relationship falling In love with cross-cultural partner.You find yourself falling in love not just with the person, but their culture and traditions.I simply adore your blog and waiting for more from you. Keep it my dear friend.😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

    1. Thank you! These words are so sweet. And yes, you fall in love with everything a person is, including their environment.

  5. I believe every traveler in the heart carry this joy of travel and cross culture relations. And you have spoken it out very honestly and truely.
    Loved reading the feelings

  6. Very true what your saying but not necessarily what everybody will accept. I guess you should also respect their views as a good human being would.
    I respect your views and each individual has his or her own view. So if any individual believes it’s not right to marry or get into a relationship with someone outside their country, caste religion etc., its possibly because if his or her understanding and reasoning. Their upbringing, it’s in your roots and your mind gets moulded as a child that makes up your mind and makes you think in a certain way, it controls your thought process, certain beliefs cannot be changed in a human being, religion for example.
    However in my opinion theres no such thing as a border, theres no country all this is man made and has to pass we believe that borders make us Americans, Africans, Russians, Indians, Mexicans or whatever but none of this ever existed. All this existed only for a few hundred years and who knows how many years they will last, but love or that feeling of being loved, is the reason man is here,it’s existed since man was on this planet and will continue to exist long after we are all gone. Our minds will not accept it as we believe there are countries. I believe all these borders were made by men like us just to mark their territory, money, greed to have more it’s all in our human mind. But love cannot be contained within any border, love and desire are not the same, desire is only an external thing of a temporary nature and none of us can deny we don’t have these feelings it’s part of me and you. We sometimes mix up for love, desires keep changing just like our needs. But true love is something that cannot be explained in words, it’s something that one experiences,all of us need to be loved to be understood and respected.Borders or countries or even the mind cannot control. I wouldn’t know where to stop. It goes on and on. You should maybe write a book. It’s always good to express oneself.

    1. It is true, I feel exactly the same way. I think the heart knows not of borders or nationalities, but not every person feels the same way.
      I have been thinking of writing a book about the way some relationships develop, but as a novel.

  7. It’s a great blog. Get to feel the emotions and expirence in those words. I’d love to read more blogs from you. Great going and all the best!!!

  8. Well i’m in love with the most beautiful Mexican lady and we are from different cultures…
    i love this post Mi amor. <3

  9. I it works. My wife is Mexican and Im a Black American. I have dated latinas and black and i never have never experienced and culture problems. Maybe its cause im from Los Angeles or imbjust a soilder. Hooah

    1. Yeah, it has alot to do with how you see life. Many people never experience any issues, but many others face a lot. I’m glad your story worked out. <3

  10. Well … You need lots of patience. For relationship to work. and in a lighter note.. its kind of fun .. and full of.. adventure.. its like.. walking into unknown territory..
    Nice article.. Mirza.. keep going..
    Expecting more posts from you..

  11. Perhaps i would say that its more about a learning and learning until eventually both sides get a hang of each other cultures and there is goes for stronger bond amongst the ideas to keep each other happy. Surely without the boundaries it get easier to hold the understanding deeper between the two love birds may it be from anywhere. Its very well observed that people who cant see / speak are yet able to communicate their languages meaningfully to one another without the hesitations. Hence, its a gift that when people have the gift of speaking and they can express their feelings, emotions and on top of that their love to someone by limitless words. NOT keeping the mindset that she/he belong to other culture, and would not be able to understand you. Its only that until you dont try you would never get to experience it at all to how it feels to be sipping a tea with totally a person who may not have had an experience of chai and yet trying to accommodate amongst it and learning the language that you speak in your own ways and yet trying to understand it ….

    Life is to short to be complaining and more about trying and getting through it

  12. You could definitely see your expertise in the work you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. Always follow your heart.

  13. This is very interesting, You are a very skilled blogger. I’ve joined your rss feed and look forward to seeking more of your great post. Also, I have shared your site in my social networks!

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