A deserted beach in the middle of the jungle: Mexico’s best kept secret!

There are many things that can surprise anyone in Mexico. The diversity of the culture, the beauty of its nature and the warmth of its people… In Mexico, things are more beautiful than they ever seem from the outside. And yeah, it’s not only because I’m forever in love with my own land, but because there is still so many unexplored parts of paradise.

Can you imagine a deserted beach? No hotels, no skyscrapers, no electronic music blasting in your ears… Nothing. Just the sea, perfect waves for surfing and small cabins with the basics to spend the night.

And where can you find this?

This place is called San Agustinillo, Oaxaca. 

It is one of the region’s best-kept secret, and strict and very ecotourism-oriented. You cannot get going with your Spring break bashes in this place… Oh no. This little spot is to relax, to enjoy the real beach, and to absorb the beauty of mother nature. It is a long beach of an open sea. The most visited place is a picturesque bay at the end of the beach. The surf season here is very uneven, on some days the sea is excellent for surfing, in others it is better to swim and snorkel.

San Agustinillo has a sad history.

In a factory on the outskirts of town, more than 1000 turtles were killed daily. Simply to commercialize the skin and eggs. But in 1990, the government prohibited this massacre (GOOD GOING), and the factory was destroyed.

A school for conservation was built in its place, and turtle slaughtering became highly illegal.

Later in 1994, a kilometer,  the Mexican Center for Turtle Conservation was opened. They aim to: 

  • Spread the knowledge of biology, conservation and legislation for the protection of turtles.
  • To carry out scientific and technological research for the management, development, and conservation of the turtle.
  • Promote the concept of ecological tourism in the region.
  • To favor the growth and development of the communities of the zone.
  • To regulate that any new development or touristic activities do not clash with the environment or disturb turtles in the spawn season.

San Agustinillo offers a wide variety of activities:

Naturally, the beautiful Pacific ocean invites you to immerse yourself in the calm waters of the bay of the main beach or swimming or snorkeling there to enjoy the view and the sea life. Or, if you are more extreme, to surfing the highest waves and boogie riding.  Noisy beach activities like jet ski etc. Are prohibited in the bay of San Agustinillo.

In summary, San Agustinillo is a quiet village that has basically one main street, lots of cabins and few restaurants and shops.

Getting settled

To get internet, beer or any sort of “more modern” amenities, you would have to go into the village, since on the bay you cannot find any stores, sellers or souvenirs. You might enjoy massages or morning yoga lessons on the beach before the sun sets on full force. To the west of these beaches are the almost virgin, but less protected beaches that are more popular among surfers and invite you to long walks along the beach. Further west are the even ourer virgin beaches of Aragon and Playa Camaron. You can’t get lost, but you can’t get stressed!

The charm of the beach is that it is in the open sea but the waves are not dangerous. From June to December it is very probable to see the turtle spawn but also its fauna consists of skunks, squirrels, badgers, raccoons, deer and iguanas.

A great adventure is the boat ride. It includes 3 hour walk, where the tour guide talks about the region and shares interesting facts.  On the white rocks you see the great cormorants and other birds. Many times suddenly the boat is in the middle of a group of happy dolphins jumping along, or a sea turtle calmly swimming by the boat.  Deeper into the sea, you can even witness the very rare kinds of rays that jump out of the water, and during winter… Even whales can be seen!

Yes… Entire families of whales with their babies, dolphins, rays, MILLIONS of fish… Although it is a quiet village, you will not get bored!

Out of the story and the activities, here are some trip suggestions: 

Where to sleep

Depending on your budget, you can find from the cheapest hotels (starting at about $120 MXW- $7 USD) to hundreds of dollars a night. Every hotel has it’s little charm and accommodation , so you might as well just look on the internet for whatever suits you best.

When I was there, I stayed in Cabañas Punta Placer, that is in a mid-price range and extremely comfortable and delicious, It has terraces that have breathtaking views to the sea.



The nudist beach par excellence, to get there you can take a taxi from San Agustinillo.  Return by sundown ,because in this beach there are not really any activities other than taking off your clothes and enjoying the pleasure of two kilometers of virgin beaches.

After sunbathing for a while in the area you can practice water sports such as fishing and diving. If you decide to spend the night in Zipolite, take into account that the accommodation is not very luxurious. The plan is to move away from the noise and enjoy the nights with Music and quiet atmosphere.

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