The oldest medieval town in Spain is far better than Hollywood paints it!

If you plan a trip to Madrid and have time to look around,  visit Toledo. It is a city with a long history since the Roman times, where  you can find monuments of all Muslim, Jewish and Christian origins. In Toledo, prepare to enter a magical city that retains an ...
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Salamanca: A town that mixes student life, parties and culture!

They say there are cities that say they are eternal, and Salamanca is definitely one of them.  This city, eminently university-oriented retains all the passion that comes with European great cities. It is also the first European city to have university (opened in 1253), and therefore becoming a part in ...
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Leiria Castle and San Pedro de Moel, a perfect Portuguese day trip!

No matter the season, day of the week, duration or the reason for there are reasons to visit Portugal. Its landscapes, cities, coasts, villages, forests and mountains, offer a small sample of this incredible country kissed by the sea. Upon my studies in Portugal, I got to discover the many ...
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Valencia, so hot it puts the Awe in Awesome!

Valencia is a great city, built in the 15th century, so it’s highly historical too! So there is an endless list of places to visit emblematic buildings, beaches, sports and cultural events, parties, and beautiful people. Visiting is wanting to enjoy, discover and get lost in its streets and explore ...
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A hidden mountain jewel: Covilhã, Portugal.

Portugal is underrated overall. When someone thinks of the wonders of Europe, people don’t always consider this small nation. I’ve got to say it’s by far one of the most amazing places I’ve visited. Obviously, it has a certain special value for me, because living abroad for a semester, Covilhã became ...
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