India is the nation of excess. Excess of people, excess of food, excess of colors, excess of parties… Yes. India is whatever you have heard it is. but WAY more defying. There is no country in the world that generates so many feelings in one day. Traveling to India may sound romantic, but all Bollywood idealization ends in front of your eyes when you see men and women don’t even interact that much … but it is also addictive.

India will test all your senses and take you to limits of tolerance that you did not even think you had. 

Throughout my trip to India, it was challenging to be a woman traveling alone, but it was not decisive when it came to the risks I took, the adventures I had, and the times I said “yes” to something new. So you can expect to find tips for every traveler here, not only brave women.

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Ahmedabad and the Future of India

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Visiting India during demonetization: The chaos, the plan and the consequences

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Getting real: My first day in India

India is not only the smells, the people and the craze. India is the adventure, the chaos, and the beauty! ...
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Incredible India: The adventure of a lifetime

Traveling to India is to discover one of the most exotic countries in the world. The richness of its culture, ...
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Falling in love: My story and my fall.

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