Top apps to meet locals while traveling

Whether you go with your group of friends / or if you’re traveling alone, it is always a good idea to meet locals at your destination. Making friends on the other side of the world, sharing a beer while practicing another language and attend parties recommended by locals are just some of the few benefits. Getting to see places that are not in te maps, going out of the guidebooks and getting the MOST amazing pictures are a must. Indisputable great idea!



MeetMe is a free app to meet people, in real time, in an enclosed area, like a concert or a party. It’s a growing app, and it’s getting great reviews so far! So if you don’t want to enjoy a particular experience alone, get ready to party with the locals!




Nearify is a app to find the best vacation plans at the destination. They can be events, concerts, movies, or other shows that give you an idea of what the locals do around the city. Don’t get lost or misuse time trying to find an event on your own! Take advantage of this app, attend the best events, meet locals and visit the best places in town!



This app is perfect for exploring the city with the best guide: a local. It may not be free to live such an experience, but it’s the perfect plan if you are looking to step out of the guidebooks. Who knows, you might make a friend for life or go on an unforgettable date! WithLocals is a brand new bet on trust and friendship.



Groopify is a perfect app to meet people if you’re traveling with friends. You can even use it before going on holiday to meet people to travel with. With this app, you find groups of friends compatible with your own group, it is very useful when you are in another city and want to meet people without being too uncomfortable.



Eatwith is for extroverts who love to eat, neither more nor less. Meet with local people who host you at home and prepare a delicious typical food. Not really a bad plan, is it? For those foodies who cant get enough of the local flavor, Eatwith is for you!



Showaround is a similar system to WithLocals, but with a different design. Find local people willing to show you their city, talk to them and book the tour you like. You will take a tour to secret corners of the city, you can practice the language and meet people that otherwise you would not have known.

Party with a local


And where to go in a city we do not know? No problem: Party with a local gives you a solution. With this app, you can contact people in town to party: they will take you to the best places to go or recommend places to go. If you are the kind of person to make friends easily, this is for you. Party with a local  will make it easier for you to party like a rockstar!



Of course,  you know what Tinder is for, but it has some new features. With the new characteristics, Tinder Social that become a top tool for meeting people on holidays. You state you are going out with your friends and find other groups of people to party with. It’s also a great tool to meet new people and having to avoid the face-to-face embarassement of flirting!  with local to stay. Admittedly they have good business mounted.

Well, at least I know I’m not very good.

Finally, maybe “just” meeting up is not the idea you have in mind, and you’re looking for something more… Adult. In that case, I can give you some apps to find hookups during your travel. 

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