Photo reflection: Rainy season & micro-traveling

Do you know what micro-traveling is? They say nothing beats a sunny day when you are traveling. But what about those days when it’s pouring outside? No sighting, no pool days… Nothing?

Well, not really.

One of my favorite phrases in the world is “beauty is in the details”, and it seems, rain takes out the best of nature. And it is possible that you are a big city person, but there’s a whole world out there, plagued with the best around. Have you ever taken a closer look at what’s cooking a little closer to the floor? Everything that is not sky scrappers, forts, castles… Look through the lens, see what you find.

Now, I’m a big, BIG bug enthusiast, and I can’t pass out an opportunity to take a closer look at the reserves, gardens or open spaces, whether New York, India or Mexico, but what I enjoy the most are the faces of people when they look at me on the floor chasing after an ant.

When it comes to beautiful flowers and trees, there is no better way to catch a magic moment than right after a storm. It may seem like you don’t want to do anything, and rather stay home, but believe me when I say… The best things are found where no one is looking. 

That’s what micro-traveling is: The beauty of what’s not registered by the eye until you dare to take a closer look.

Obviously, I am not a professional photographer, neither do I expect to be (these pictures are not edited), so I cannot say that this is the best you’ll find, or the only thing you’ll be able to photograph. I have attempted to shoot hummingbirds, caterpillars, more spiders… And I fail. But I have gotten lucky with some as well.

Do you know how difficult it is to get so close to a fly? 

I loved this one because she is a zebra fly. Or that’s the way I called it, at least.

Now, my recommendation is that EVEN IF you are staying in the city for the weekend, try micro-traveling. If you feel like discovering something new,  you’re in for a treat! It is the world within your world, and you won’t be sorry. You can tell yourself you took a very special trip into your own back yard.

I can tell you it’s true because all of these pictures were taken in my garden, after a very rainy night. 


Do you have any pictures to share? Have you ever gone micro-traveling? Share in the comments below! 



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