If you ever have the opportunity to travel to Portugal, you should not wish for a single moment. The proud history of the country is reflected in the old university city of Coimbra and the olf wool factories of Covilha. 

And to infiltrate even more the Portuguese culture, you have to live the fun of traditional festivities or enjoy a bar at night in the Bairro Alto and discover the melancholic music of Fado. And if it is the food you love, the delicious products of the sea and port wine, which in the heart of its historic old town, travellers can choose to spend the night in any of the stately homes or converted medieval monasteries, Urban houses or elegant resorts on the beach.

Another magnetic element is the generosity of nature, especially the picturesque landscape. Far from the cities, travellers can relax in the warmth of the sun while discovering centuries-old vineyards or quiet stone villages in the mountains. Exploration is infinite to find with a spectacular panorama of its wild dunes of the beaches, the coves and the islands of the coast of Portugal that have captivated so much the local and international tourists… 

Enjoy this picturesque nation! 

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