Puebla, the City of Angels: A Magical Destination in the Heart of Mexico


In 2016, Puebla became the most visited colonial and business destination in the beautiful Mexico.

As a perfect place to visit, it offers a lot more than good places to eat, drink and see. Puebla is by far one of the most amazing destinations in the country! (don’t get me wrong, I love my country just as much, but Puebla REALLY takes my heart.

The dynamics of tourism in the Puebla entity can be explained by filled up by several things, including its attractions, architecture, food and cultural activities. Maybe, you’ll have to try it all! 

A little history

Founded in 1531 as Puebla de Angeles and built according to the plans of Bishop Julian Garcés, the city of Puebla is strategically located between Mexico City and the port of Veracruz.

  • The legend says that angels directed Bishop Julian Garcés in the selection of the location of the city.

In 1861, Mexican President Benito Juarez refused to pay the debt to Europe, so war with unified Spain, Britain, and France was about to start.  He was sort of intence, hence he went all the way.

Finally, Spain and Britain went home, but the French invaded with the intention of conquering Mexico.

On May 5, 1862, about two thousand Mexican combatants armed with sticks, machetes, and slings at the fort of Loreto.Image result for batalla de puebla

  • Mexicans defeated 6,000 French troops in the battle of Puebla.

And that’s how 5 de Mayo was born. But it is only celebrated in Puebla. Therefore, “5 de Mayo” is not our National party. Sorry USA!

Now, Puebla has a lot of attractions. If you want to dive into an AMAZING weekend in Puebla, check out these musts on the city of Puebla and around the state of Puebla.

Historical Center

With colonial style buildings of great beauty and great cultural value, it was recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage Site in 1987. With 2619 buildings,  it is one of the more artistic and culturally rich areas in the world. Not only by day is it nice, by night it is a VISION! 


Image result for chile en nogada
Chile en Nogada. Puebla’s most famous dish.

Declared as Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2010, it is the result of the fusion of the Mexican and European cuisines, born in convents and in the kitchens of the mestizo and Creole houses where products and ingredients from both continents were mixed.

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Arts & Crafts

Due to the territorial diversity of the state, Puebla has varied handmade products offer, from the amate paper of Pahuatlán, the Christmas balls of Chignahuapan, the wool rugs of Hueyapan to the silver pieces of Amozoc and even the onyx of Tecali. Still, the most famous is Talavera: a ceramic-like material with the most amazing designs.

Biblioteca Palafoxiana (Palafox Library)

Image result for biblioteca palafoxiana puerta

Founded in 1646, itis the only ancient library of the American continent that preserves its original building, shelving, furniture, and collection. It has 45 thousand 86 books, including 9 incunables (Incunable: a book that was printed—not handwritten—before the year 1501 in Europe). Yet, you need to consider it is a delicate site, so taking children in here is not the best option.

Capilla del Rosario (Chapel of the Rosary)

Image result for Capilla del Rosario

Considered by some to be a man-made wonder of the world, its construction dates back to the second half of the 17th century and is the 18th-century baroque jewel of Puebla and Mexico. What you can see, is gold. It’s an amazing site, either day or night, and it doesn’t matter if you are not catholic or christian. The entrance is free, and since it is a church, you cannot take pictures while mass goes on. Otherwise, you can click as many as you want. 

Pyramid of Cholula

With the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Los Remedios at its peak, it has the largest Piramidal Basin in the world. How cool is that? Also,  you can enter the guts of the pyramid through a series of tunnels. I must warn you though… If you are claustrophobic, better not try! The tunnels keep on getting smaller and darker, but once you come out, it’s the most BEAUTIFUL site! Because of its historical importance, you cannot miss it! There are tour buses leaving from downtown to the pyramid leaving every hour. 

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Pueblos Mágicos (Magic Towns) 

Chignaguapan, one of the magic towns.

“Magic Towns” is a distinction the Mexican government gives to towns that have social, cultural and historical importance. Yet, it is hard to obtain and it is reserved for only the most special places. Well, Puebla has 7 Magic towns, the one with the most in Mexico. Most of them located in the enigmatic Sierra Norte of the State such as Cuetzálan, Zacatlán, Pahuatlán, Chignahuápan, Tlatlauquitepec, and Xicotepec. A few kilometers from the city, San Andrés and San Pedro Cholula. 

Bottomline, you will never stop getting surprised by Puebla. It has business, tourism and social activities for everyone. If you ever visit, make sure to drop a message. I’d love to show you around! As a result, and just like many other places in Mexico, it will make you fall in love!

Check out other magic towns in Puebla!  

Zacatlán de las Manzanas
Image result for cuetzalan
Image result for Tlatlauquitepec



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