International Relations: A New Study about Sex Trends while Traveling

When I write, I love to get down and dirty, and I’m not really afraid to talk about sex. In this day and age, where there is really no place for judgment sexual practices are involved in practically everything. That is no different when it comes to traveling. Have you ever thought about picking a destination for its sex openness?

And I don’t mean sexual tourism because I personally believe that is exploitation in many places, and should not be allowed.

New study reveals travelers’ sexual behavior

Recent studies show that travelers are no longer just looking to discover new tourist destinations or the typical food… Now they go much further.  Many of them are looking for sex. 

An international Newspaper, Sexually Transmitted Infections, released two studies about the trends of UK travelers and how they get or aim to get sexual partners while traveling.  The main conclusion is that they, indeed, are having intercourse while traveling, but in most cases, unprotected. Taking sex trends today, traelers are more about the sex than they are about the love.

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The first study examined more than 15,000 British citizens between the ages of 16 and 74 within a span of two years.

  • The result was that 12,530 people had had sex with at least one person in the last five years.
  • Of this amount, 1 in 10 men and 1 in 20 women reported having had sex while traveling abroad.
  • Sex trends indicate a growing number of both men and women increasing the number of patners wile they travel.

The second study focused on the use of condoms during the trip.

  • The result was that “backpackers" are not really concerned about safety during their sexual encounters.


  • 61.5% of them traveled without a long-term sexual partner.
  • 39% reported having had a new sexual partner during the trip, regularly backpackers from other cities, although men were more prone than women to have had sex with a local person.
  • 37% confessed not to have used condoms or any safety while engaging in sexual intercourse. It is to be said that the UK has one of the highest Chlamydia-infected population of Europe.

In this sense, it is surprising that these travelers actually carried condoms in their backpacks, 1/3 of them admitted not having used them. 

So they do carry them for protection, but when it is time for sex, they don’t even take them out.

Sex trends, explained

According to Durex, the condom company, Greece is the country you will most likely to have sex in. Followed by  Brazil, Russia, China, and Italy. On the other hand, if you travel to Japan, do not go thinking about sex, it is by far the country where it is least practiced.

  • Still, there are other things you can do in Japan that may lead to some sexual pleasure, and might even be… Particular. Check out this video! 

If we talk about sex between travelers, HostelBookers asked 11,000 users of their site what they thought about this.

  • Among the most interesting conclusions are that 52% of men and 41% of women reported having had at least one night of casual sex during their trip.

A Global Phenomenon

Now, this is a study just carried out in the UK, but it talks about a global phenomenon. The sex industry is stronger than ever lately, and STDs are also on the rise.  But there’s a lot more to it.  

It is true that when you travel and you want to have sex, it’s all exciting and new… But you need to stay safe. A one-time adventure may turn into a lifelong disaster if you don’t take care. Have as much sex as you want, but make smart choices.  Sex trends indicate having no limits, and you shouldn’t, but take care of your own life.

There’s something very exciting about having sex with someone from a different country, a different race, or a different culture…

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