15 things to stay safe (even if you don’t speak the language) on your trip

Traveling alone is incredible. But it is also risky. It is no surprise to anyone that there are dangers out there, Especially knowing that we are living in a crazy, crazy world. Traveling alone is clearly not the same as when traveling in pairs or groups, we must avoid putting yourself in dangerous situations AT […]

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A tourist or a traveler… Which one are you?

It’s not the same being a tourist and being a traveler. Many people don’t  know the difference between these two concepts and yet there are many! If you have been a backpacker, you know that it’s far from hopping on a tourist bus and getting pretty pictures from not even getting out of the comfort […]

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The 20s traveller definitive bucket list. Done them all?

Life happens quickly and there are many things we want and can do. If you have the feeling of life passing you by, believe me, you’re not the only one. There’s a point where we all feel like we are doing nothing with our life, and we could be doing much more. Luckily, there is […]

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5 things to do after a travel fling breakup

When a person is freshly out of a relationship – a long one- it’s not even easy to know how to proceed. Should I be sad? Or happy? Or relieved? Is that even a breakup? Every ending to a relationship is different, but most are hurtful and leave scars that take a long time to heal. […]

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no reservations

Why traveling with no reservations may be the best option

Traveling without reservations may not be the most common trend for families. For the young people who are in search of adventure and different experiences throughout the world may find it more suitable and even more exciting. This method has its advantages. If you are willing to endure wandering from hotel to hotel to get […]

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9 Movies you must watch if you’re a traveler

Movies inspire us all. Some may be for the best, and some may be for the worst. Well… Who am I kidding? Movies creep us out and take away our sleep too!

But there are movies that teach us more than we ever thought. They teach us history, anthropology and sociology, all at once.

The beauty of Movies & Travel

There’s a special way in which films related to travel affect us: they teach us about ourselves, who we are, and discover WHO WE WANT TO BE.

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The Best Thing about Being a World Citizen is More than you Think

A world citizen knows better than anyone, that life is made up of stages, and maturity means trying to overcome one problem after another.  Every stage is full of challenges, adventures and the unknown. However, if there is a something that defines our generation is our disagreement, our indomitable and indefatigable spirit. We are totally different […]

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15 Underrated Travel Essentials when Backpacking

Trips are part of life. There are lone backpackers, backpackers who prefer to be in a group, backpacking couples, there are artisans, musicians, climbers, photographers, journalists, explorers, scientists, athletes. But a trip is suited for all of them. Life is that little time is given to us to enjoy the details and the great moments of life. […]

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Being a world traveler: Is it really possible to live off it?

Globetrotter? Travel? What? I often get a lot of questions about how I get to travel that much. The truth is that I don't travel the world as often as I wanted to, but I am lucky to have been to more than 4 countries, because of studies, mostly. We often see a lot of […]

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