What are the essentials when going on a backpacking trip?

Trips are part of life. There are lone backpackers, backpackers who prefer to be in a group, backpacking couples, there are artisans, musicians, climbers, photographers, journalists, explorers, scientists, athletes. But a trip is suited for all of them. Life is that little […]

An open letter to the man who broke my heart.

I fell in love with you gradually. It was not love at first sight, and it was not something that struck me like lighting. Still, I can tell you exactly the moment I knew I had fallen utterly and completely […]


Falling in love: My story and my fall.

You probably heard there are stages of grief. But here are also stages of love. As much as people try to say that love is forever, or that love is a chemical reaction that lasts a certain time (which it […]

A life in your twenties: When everything is a mess

Being in your twenties is all about redefining and reshaping who you thought you would be in when you were a teen, or the idea you had of what you’d be doing “when you grew up”. Most of us we’re […]