Taxco, México: Simply Paradise for all the Sterling Silver Lovers!

First of all, Mexico is full of contrasts of social origin, also it is also full of cultural and material riches, making it a destination country for any person who would love to travel the world.

In 1990, Taxco was declared a historical monuments area because of its imposing buildings. The village is surrounded by hills and dense vegetation thus making it one of Mexico’s Magic Towns. (A special distinction Federal government gives to towns with a strong influence of the indigenous past, the great legacy of the old Spanish colonial empire, the preservation of ancestralal traditions, and mostly important places of historical events in the life of Mexico.


A silver selling point in Taxco.


This architectural and mining jewel is a city built on hills, barely 3 hours away from Mexico City. Founded in 1529, the discovery of a silver vein in the 18th century boosted its boom. Several immigrants amassed his fortune here, as the French Jose de la Borda, who commanded to build magnificent examples of Baroque within Mexico.  The Church of Santa Prisca, built in 1748-1758 is amazing! Done in pink quarry, its exterior is a feast of baroque ornaments church flanked by two bell towers. You can see the walls covered in gold and handcrafted like living art.

Taxco is a town of tradition

Resultado de imagen para santa prisca

Amongst the many historical attributes of this town, you can have amazing food and enjoy the many festivities happening downtown all year around, but the most amazing time to visit is Passover /Easter.

Taxco has many typical drinks, but the most important one is named Berta. This is a nice combination of tequila with honey and lemon, which is a delicious complement to any food, and of course, a deceiving beverage when people say “they don’t feel dizzy”- and always end up singing mariachi songs in public!

Tips for touring Taxco

Photo by Hector Muñoz

  • Always bring comfortable shoes! Everything is within walking distance, and the hills are going up and down. Try to make them anti-slippery shoes, because if it rains, the hills get incredibly slippery.
  • You can bargain a little on stands outside, but the price is not that irreverent in any case… Silver there is so cheap!
  • Unless you have absolutely no idea, consult the men that are trying to take you to a particular store.
  • Absolutely don’t miss out on the silver and mining museums!
  • If you want to see the city from up high, visit the cable car, the city is amazing
  • Never freak out on the taxi drivers, they are a little too intense! (hahaha)
  • Finally, bring cash. Not all silver stands accept credit cards and most of the buying you’ll do is out on the street.

Bonus tip

An especially noteworthy site is 15 minutes away, the biggest grotto canal in Latin America, the Grutas de Cacahuamilpa. In the 4 km (2.5 mi) walking tour, you’ll be admiring rock formations that nature has carved over millions of years.

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