Fighting Bodyshaming in Mexico: Discover Mangata Swimwear

Anna Sofia Racansky is more than just a smart businesswoman. 

She is not afraid of anything or anyone. The way she has built her brand is revolutionizing the world of fashion in Mexico. With the many trends coming into a globalized world, the definition of beauty is changing, and everything depends on the perspective of the lens with which it is seen.

Thus, the canons of fashion are changing, from the size, the skin color, and even the style. And Anna Sofia wants to be at the forefront of that revolution.

Today, every body is a good body for fashion. And with her brand, she is giving curvy women a voice in fashion too.

Body Positive, not just a “fat” trend

You may find the most beautiful girl in the world, but even then, she will find something to hate. Stretch marks, cellulite, her hair… Even the color of her skin. This negative and overly critical image women make of their own body is the antonym of the body positive movement.

Born as a rejection of the diet culture, eating disorders and the constant pressure to fit into the “beauty standards”… Being body Positive is about happiness. And it does not only include women. 

Body positive is for everyone. And body positive is not about being fat. It’s about loving ourselves, to recognize the diversity of shapes in the bodies, and to claim the right to feel good in our skin.

That’s how Mangata Swimwear was born. 

When she first started, it was not easy at all. People all around the world are growing to love and accept every color, shape, and condition. Still, Mexico is lagging behind, so she thought of making something new. The Mangata Swimwear brand started as a frustrated response to current fashion, where people still get attacked for the way they look.

Today, she is breaking stereotypes and getting Mexico on board with the newest global trends: There are no “beauty standards” for a beach body.

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How did you manage to get so passionate about the BoPo movement?

People usually ask me “Why do you fight for the rights of curvy/fat women if you are not fat yourself?” Well, that pisses me off. The truth is that you don’t have to be the target of a movement to believe or fight for it. Yet, I’m sure people who fight for LGBT rights are not all part of the community. I’m sure that people who want to save sharks are not really sharks… It’s the same logic. Why should we limit ourselves to fight for causes that “fit” our demographics? Body positive is about breaking standards, not shoving people in them.

What makes Mangata Swimwear a one-of-a-kind brand? 

First of all, and I am proud to mention, it is the first Mexican brand that is dedicated solely to curvy swimwear. It is a constantly growing company where ACCEPTANCE is one of the main pillars.

Mangata is a Swedish word that refers to the wake of light left by the moon in the water during the night. A concept linked to freedom and beauty. It is a line of amazing swimsuits that outline a woman’s curves perfect for the pool or the beach.

Especially noteworthy, every swimsuit and cover are made of the highest quality materials and with a contour control shaper underneath, paired up with the most vibrant colors and fashionable details.

In addition, it is a brand with social responsibility.

Not only does it contribute to the causes of body positivity, but a portion of the profits will be allocated to a social organization that is dedicated to rescuing the most beautiful things in nature.

Where can we find Mangata? 

You can find us online at the Mangata store, on Instagram, on Facebook and in our pop-up bazaars in Mexico City. We are looking to expand soon! But for the time being, everything you need can be found in our e-shop, we ship internationally!

The most important international influencers are already wearing Mangata


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