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Travelling is always an adventure.

Whether you are traveling alone or with friends is always an adventure, and should always be an incredible experience. Every day,  more and more people prefer to have experiences above material things and feed the sould insted: That is why our new generation travels to feed the soul.

I still could not believe it when I left my country for the first time. I had planned to visit Colombia for studies, but I ended up getting a taste for different cultures, different colors and of course, getting on a plane! As a student, you realize that you  have zero money to splurge. That’s how I discovered several ways to save, I discovered hostels, cheap flights and various techniques to spend less doing more.

On top, as you grow up, you discover there is much more to travelling than sightseeing and taking amazing pictures: There’s party, reckless attitudes and a lot of sex. And I don’t mean only for single people, but traveling means to reconnect:With people, with your body, and with the things you are most afraid to try.

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no reservations

Why traveling with no reservations may be the best option

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