Travelling the world: My story


A challenge is the best way to see how far you can go. Traveling the world is always exciting. Whatever people say, it’s the heart-wrenching idea of getting on a plane that makes anyone’s head spin… Even the ones scared of flying. They know when they reach their destination it will all be worth it.

My name is Mirza; I am 26 years old and about a year ago I started being a full-time freelance writer and translator,  which has provided me with a lot of tools that I didn’t have before but also had me face tons of challenges in the way and lived things that I never thought I would go through. Since I lost my apartment, my boyfriend and my job within a month, I came to live back with my mom which has been a blessing (and sometimes a nightmare too).  I have been traveling all my life since my parents were big junkies of museums and sightseeing, but I was always accompanied by family. Then my parents got a divorce and that was no longer a possibility. Still, I took all the knowledge from traveling which is now priceless, and made me a junkie too.

When  I started traveling alone, I was 18. And I was FREAKING OUT. I had been in planes before, but I had never stepped out of the family trip dynamics. Needless to say, that first trip changed my life. I went to Colombia, a beautiful South American destination. Then I realized I was really into this whole traveling thing.

Lol, my face… I was definitely 18.

As I grew older, I also managed to understand the many perks of traveling: you got to meet people, visit incredible places and fall in love. Oh, did I fall in love! Both with people and with places, it was really an understatement to say that I fell flat on my face with love.

Jumping seas

Then I got the chance to jump over: A semester of college abroad in Portugal. And for me, that’s when life really started. I got to get rid of my every fear and realize that taboos, rules of society and the role of women are just a bit or crap. The first time I had meaningless sex (with someone who would never love me of course, which was hard to understand as well), I got drunk for the first time…. So drunk I woke up in a park next to a homeless guy the next day. I got to skip classes and end up in unexpected places, I learned a different language and feel deeply in love with a man who was not of my own race, who taught me more about life than I could ever have expected.

I realized many years of Catholic school had programmed me to be someone I didn’t want to be: A moralist who was too afraid to let go. 

After that first trip, I became addicted to the thrill of getting on a bus/train/plane and going off to adventure, and after I finished my studies I couldn’t wait to get more. Of course, life got in the way and I started working. And I must tell you… It is not easy to travel once your parents are not paying or it! Not only was it challenging to save up, but I could never manage the time to actually leave for weeks on end, because of course… Work. 

But then, a year ago, the company I worked for decided to close its doors in Mexico. So I was jobless… Or was I? 

The way I see things is that everything happens for a reason -you probably heard this a lot but it is definitely true- and as hard as we try to deny it, it forces us to shake our *mapped* life path again and again. I decided to stop looking for work and instead create my own. OF COURSE, I was terrified because, in the end, it’s no joke to make a living. I started getting a few freelance clients, and before I knew it, I was getting into it full-time.

Now, I write about sex, about love, and about travel… Everything I am passionate about. And why not? It’s one of the biggest fears of the human being: to step out of your comfort zone! 

Now, my real challenge was when I took my bags and decided to go to India for three months. I’m not going to lie… My life in Mexico is pretty sweet, and I LOVE the traditions and beauties of my country, but there’s something about stepping out that melts my will. Of course, the experience was NO LESS than awesome. The language, the customs, and the overall traveling alone as a woman was a CHALLENGE. But I survived. And I’m going back!

Mexico is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. You’ll find it all: delicious food, all kinds of terrain and climate, the unparalleled wealth of flora and fauna, contrasting ideologies, a fusion between tradition and modernization a crucible of prehispanic and mestizo cultures, magnificent hotels, of course, the warmth of Mexicans wherever you go. So, I am lucky enough to be born in an incredible country, that by the way is also extremely touristic, which means I have a lot to see within my borders!

The point of this is: Don’t let the opportunity find you. You go and make it happen! This is my story, but who says yours can’t be better? 

Where are you traveling next?!

Mexico City. Photo by: Jazz MI


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