The United States is a very famous and visited country, but what are the REAL reasons to travel to USA? What does this nation offer that can not be seen in other corners of the world? It’s not about being the land of opportunity or the land of “the Dream”, but it also has a lot of incredible corners for the restless travelers.

The United States is a huge nation with almost 10 million sq. kms and its natural wealth is vast. The country has 58 natural parks and due to the amazingly contrasting territory,  it occupies offers totally different landscapes.

The United States has numerous famous cities around the world that are worth a visit, and for the more keen traveler to uncover new corners out of the “touristy stuff… There are always tips and twists to take.

Whether you’re a naturalist, a cinephile or a cosmopolitan, the United States is an unbelievable tourist destination with a great number of wonders to discover.


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